Pleased to meet you - Lisa Roberts

Pleased to meet you - Lisa Roberts

We talk to Global Compensation and Benefits Manager Lisa about what attracted her to Cambridge Assessment and how she is working to attract and retain the best talent worldwide.

I started at Cambridge Assessment in November 2014 in this newly-created role within Human Resources. My role is specifically focussed on global compensation and benefits strategies and programmes to attract and retain the best talent available to meet the Group’s strategic plan.

...I genuinely believed in what the company stands for."

This involves reviewing, recommending and implementing compensation and benefit programmes which combine an underlying local competitiveness through external benchmarking and meeting the Group business needs. I also provide technical expertise and advice in all areas of global reward, compensation and benefits.

Joining Cambridge Assessment was an easy decision in many ways because I genuinely believed in what the company stands for. I spent many years working in the pharmaceutical industry so it has always been important for me to work in organisations which contribute to society positively. This role was a fantastic opportunity to join the Human Resources team at a time of exceptional organisational growth and opportunity as we continue to expand our business globally.

Cambridge Assessment is an exciting organisation... staff genuinely support each other..."

In the past two years almost, meeting many colleagues and hearing about various parts of the organisation has really reaffirmed my first impressions that Cambridge Assessment is an exciting organisation to be part of and that staff genuinely support each other, and are focussed on doing a great job. My plans are to ensure that the work I do is relevant and appropriate to the business and the staff we employ by staying connected to what's going on in our business areas and meeting colleagues. 

Lisa Roberts
Global Compensation and Benefits Manager, Cambridge Assessment

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