Our people

Andrew Thwaites from Cambridge International Examinations talks about his experiences of working at Cambridge Assessment and gives an insight in to his role as captain of the Cambridge Assessment cricket team.

Our people

We are very proud of our people at Cambridge Assessment. They are a very talented and diverse group and everybody has a key role to play. We thought you might like to hear directly from them, so here are a few examples of their experiences.

Paul Jones, Data Administrator

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I’ve worked for OCR since March 2010, choosing to join Cambridge Assessment as it was a chance to work in a busy educational environment. The attraction for me was our link with the University of Cambridge – one of the top UK universities with a glowing reputation around the world. I knew that working for this global company would fully enhance my career growth, as well as my personal development. The part of my role I enjoy the most is dealing with requests for statistics. Every one I receive is different, meaning my working day never gets monotonous. Requests come from both internal and external customers which means they’re varied and there’s a nice mixture of interaction.

I enjoy working at Cambridge Assessment as I know that everything I do is making a difference to someone’s life. I find that the Group offers many excellent learning and development opportunities, and people are very supportive, helping me to settle into a new working environment quickly.

Ketan Parikh, Technical Support Consultant

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After having previously worked for small companies, I was keen to join a company with a large IT infrastructure to advance my career. I came to Cambridge Assessment in July 2005 as a Helpdesk Analyst. After two years, I moved into Desktop Services, which was very different to the normal helpdesk work and required more face-to-face interaction. After two years, I moved into Technical Support, which deals with systems and applications at a very high level and was considerably different to the roles in Helpdesk/Desktop Services. I’ve been with Technical Support for nearly two years now and am enjoying every minute of it.

One of Cambridge Assessment’s core values is Innovation, which is really lived through our team as we get various opportunities to investigate, deploy and maintain systems based on the latest technological advances in the market. Combine this with the fact that Cambridge Assessment believes in continued professional development and you’ll see that this an ideal company for someone who is ambitious about their career.


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