Research Matters

Research Matters

Research Matters is our free biannual publication which allows us to share our assessment research, in a range of fields, with the wider assessment community. It features articles, short summaries, research papers and comment on prominent research articles.

Latest issue: Summer 2016

Research Matters 22: Summer 2016 Cover Page 2 - Revisiting the topics taught as part of an OCR History qualification : Karen Dunn, Ellie Darlington and Tom Benton

Page 9 - Accounting for students’ mathematical preparedness for Finance and Business degrees : Ellie Darlington and Jessica Bowyer

Page 17 - Collaboration in the 21st century : Implications for assessment : Simon Child and Stuart Shaw

Page 23 - The effect of subject choice on the apparent relative difficulty of different subjects : Tom Bramley

Page 27 - On the impact of aligning the difficulty of GCSE subjects on aggregated measures of pupil and school performance : Tom Benton

Page 30 - Statistical moderation of school-based assessment in GCSEs : Joanna Williamson

Page 37 - Good – better – best? Identifying highest performing jurisdictions : Gill Elliott

Page 39 - Research News: Karen Barden

Page 41 - Statistical Reports: The Research Division

Page 42 - Introducing Data Bytes : James Keirstead, Tom Sutch and Nicole Klir

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