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Video gallery

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We have a selection of videos from our various seminars, conferences and events hosted around the world. Use the player below to watch and explore our video archive.

We are Group Operations (00:02:44)

Have you ever thought about what happens once an exam paper is created and finalised? At Cambridge Assessment Group Print and Operations each year we securely print over half a billion A4 sides of question papers.

Building the Triangle (00:03:59)

Watch the old Cambridge University Press building come down and our new home, Triangle, go up in this ultra-fast timelapse video.

Questions from the past (00:01:40)

We dug out some examples of questions students of the past were asked in their exams.

#TimOatesLive (29:15)

Tim Oates CBE answers your questions. Tim is the Director of Assessment Research and Development at Cambridge Assessment.

Live General Election Candidate's Debate 2017 (01:47:38)

We hosted a live parliamentary candidate debate for the Cambridge constituency ahead of the 2017 General Election providing a forum for four of the Cambridge City parliamentary candidates to debate their policies and answer questions.

Nice aims, shame that the law's in a mess (01:44:00)

The Cambridge Assessment Network welcomed Jonathan Simons to talk about the education system in England, which he feels has never been more fragmented or more difficult to manage and explain.

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