Our leadership

Our leadership

Simon Lebus, our Group Chief Executive, heads up the Corporate Board which comprises Group Directors from across the organisation, including the chief executives of our exam boards.

Corporate Board

Simon Lebus, our Group Chief Executive, heads up the Corporate Board which comprises directors from across the organisation:

Simon Lebus

Simon Lebus has been Group Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment since 1 July 2002. He became Chairman of OCR in 2004

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Liz Allan

Liz Allan joined Cambridge Assessment as Group HR Director in September 2013.

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Bruno Laquet

Bruno joined Cambridge Assessment in 2010 to help navigate significant changes in the way assessment is delivered.

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Saul Nassé

Saul Nassé was appointed Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment English in March 2014.

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Tim Oates CBE

Tim Oates CBE joined Cambridge Assessment in May 2006 to spearhead the rapidly growing Assessment Research and Development division.

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Jackie Rippeth

Jackie Rippeth has been with Cambridge Assessment since 1999 and is our Group Finance Director.

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Leo Shapiro

Leo Shapiro joined Cambridge Assessment in January 2015 and was appointed Chief Executive of OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations) in August 2016.

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The Syndicate

A Syndicate, chaired by the Vice-Chancellor with other members appointed by the Council of the University, remains the governing body for Cambridge Assessment but has delegated its powers to the University’s Press and Assessment Board (PAB) which began operating formally in June 2017. The PAB is responsible for setting overarching strategic direction and agreeing major strategic and investment decisions for both Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press and includes representatives from the Syndicates of both organisations.

Syndicate Members

  • Professor Stephen Toope (Chairman), Vice-Chancellor, University of Cambridge
  • Mrs Sherry Coutu CBE, Investor and Independent Non-Executive Director
  • Mr Edward Elliott, Head, The Perse School
  • Dr David Good, Fellow of King's College, University of Cambridge
  • Dr James Keeler, Senior Tutor, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge
  • Mr Richard Partington, Senior Tutor, Churchill College, University of Cambridge
  • Professor Richard Prager, Head of Cambridge University School of Technology
  • Mr Ian Pryce CBE, Principal and Chief Executive, Bedford College
  • Mr Peter Williams, Former Finance Director of Daily Mail and General Trust plc.

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